Scalarama 2018

“Enjoy a month of cinema this September with 1000s of screenings taking place across the UK and beyond. From multiplexes to pop-up cinemas, everyone is invited to take part and celebrate watching films together on the big screen.”

In fact, it is not all ‘big screen’; the Festival celebrates the numerous ways of watching film and moving images, not just in cinemas but in a range of venues. And the formats range from 35mm and theatrical digital down to VHS video. So there is a wide choice in titles and in viewing experiences.

The Festival has grown from a London-based event to a national celebration, and indeed beyond the British borders. There are groups of volunteers up and down the country organising events. The major urban areas have the largest programme but most film-buffs will find that there is something they can access.

The Leeds events are substantial and varied: and there is a printed programme to be found at the participant venues. The screenings include:

‘Woman’s Animation from Near and Far’ on September 25th. The Leeds Animation Workshop present a selection at the Hyde Park Picture House. Their work is always finely produced and fascinating in content.

There is a curtain-raiser for the Leeds Palestinian Film Festival following in November. The Wanted 18 (2018) at Woodhouse Community Centre is one of the great bovine movies and a witty but moving tribute to Palestinian resistance.

Headingley HEART are providing an opportunity to see or revisit The Florida Project (2017), one of the outstanding US ‘Indies’ of last year.

And Square Chapel, down the railway line in Halifax, have two Hollywood classics, Frankenstein from 1931 and Some Like it Hot from 1959.

Other film-makers featured include Bill Morrison, Ida Lupino and Agnes Varda.

One limitation. This year there does not seem to be the detail on formats and the printed Leeds programme does not include the release dates: ‘Frankenstein’ has numerous versions on film. This is the merits of the national Festival ‘newspaper’, now also available at venues. It at least shows where screenings are from 35mm prints. And it has all the Festival events and some interesting articles as well..

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