Renting DVDs in the UK – is cinemaparadiso the answer?

LoveFilm, the DVD/Blu-ray rental service in the UK, has announced its closure as from October 31st. This UK company was taken over by Amazon some time ago and used as the basis for developing Amazon’s online rental offer alongside the Amazon Prime service. Rental of ‘physical digital product’ has been replaced by online rental/purchase by enough punters to make the LoveFilm rental business no longer attractive to Amazon.

Why does this matter?

The US has switched to online digital downloads and streaming much more quickly than the UK and certainly than most of Europe. The US offer is led by Amazon, Netflix and iTunes etc. However, it seems largely driven by younger viewers’ demands for blockbusters and TV series/serials rather than the kinds of films older people like and the Netflix catalogue appears to be much weaker on specialised films and, especially, subtitled films.

We were ‘early adopters’ of LoveFilm before the takeover by Amazon and we’ve generally been happy with the service and with the range of film titles available. I have no real interest in online films, except when there is no easy alternative DVD/Blu-ray. My first choice is always a physical disc. Discs are more reliable than downloads especially for customers with slow broadband and downloads don’t usually offer the ‘extras’ which on foreign language titles and classic films can be very useful and informative. As a film studies teacher, I also need physical discs to use for film extracts when teaching or when screening whole films under licence. The more the emphasis on online (bolstered by Apple’s decision to drop optical drives from its computers) the more I worry about the availability of discs.


The UK service cinemaparadiso has been suggested as an alternative to LoveFilm. You can check it out at

I’ve looked briefly at what is on offer and the operation looks very similar to LoveFilm with both DVDs and Blu-rays to rent. It might be marginally more expensive as the least expensive option is a monthly subscription of £6.98 which offers four titles per month (2 postings of 2 titles) with no restrictions on how long you want to keep them before returning them for new discs. If you are interested in the most popular option of £9.98 per month for six titles (2×3), you can start with a free trial of the service for the first 14 days.

cinemaparadiso claims to have a catalogue of over 90,000 titles on offer with a strong showing for ‘world cinema’. When I did a few searches (for ‘Isabelle Huppert’, ‘Indonesian Films, ‘Mani Ratnam’ etc.), it did seem that there were more titles on cinemaparadiso than LoveFilm. But I also came across that annoying habit of listing titles and then declaring them ‘unavailable’. I also found a mistake in one listing, so I don’t know how robust the catalogue is.

I think I will give this a try, if only to check out the new titles I discovered in my search. If anyone has already used this service (which claims to have been running since 2003) please let us know what you think of it by commenting on this post.

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