Leeds Palestinian Film Festival 2016


After the success of a Festival of Films in Leeds in 2015 we can enjoy a new programme of works that give expression to the long struggle of the Palestinian people for land and freedom. The full programme is on a Webpage of the Leeds Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. As last year the Festival commences with a film screening in the Leeds International Film Festival. This is Ambulance / Ambulance Gaza (2016). The film is a powerful and personal account of witnessing the Zionist war on Gaza in 2014. The young filmmaker, Mohamed Jabaly, has made a record of his time with the ambulance crews who braved the streets of the war zone to aid the sick and injured. The film won a Sunbird Award at the recent ‘Days of Cinema’ Festival in Ramallah in the Occupied Territories.

The film is graphic and has been given a 18 Certificate. There are three screenings at the Leeds Everyman starting this Friday November 4th. Note, the Everyman had definite limitations as a ‘cinema’: the sightlines are not always good so pick your seat in order to read the subtitles.

The Festival will continue through November and early December with films that include women racing drivers and footballers, skate boarders and kite flying. A rich variety of the vibrant Palestine culture under occupation.


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