A BFI Survey

BFI survey

Presumably quite a few readers will have seen the questionnaire circulated by the British Film Institute online. It demonstrates just how narrow is the outlook these days of this Metropolitan-based Institution with a supposed national remit.

The survey focuses on The BFI Southbank, followed by Plusnet, a broadband company, and then some questions about usage of BFI facilities. The nearest they get to Yorkshire was a single page which asked, if you live outside of London which region you reside in. And then there were some general questions about taste in films and what films you watched. Here I was able to type in my regular cinema. Finally there were some personal questions.

Clearly the people who run the BFI think that all or most people using the BFI live/work in London. What a sorry state of affairs.


  1. john hall

    fortunately I get down to London a fair bit, and shall be seeing some short film festival stuff at Hackney Picturehouse this weekend, but I share your sense of outrage at the London-centric view taken by the BFI. The National Media Museum used to be a true competitor with the arts cinema of the capital, but sadly no longer now it has been emasculated as just another Picturehouse outlet with its one non-mainstream offering just once a week. Good news, or rather a portion of revenge, in that the Curzon network in London can hardly be seen as alternative cinema nowadays either with a lot of mainstream fare replicated across each of their homogenised network of once-independent cinemas. Things are tough all over in the arthouse world. There is always the ICA though…..


  2. keith1942

    You are right about the ICA: my last visit was for a Naruse film in 35mm. However, getting down to London is a rare option. If someone wins the fifty odd million in the Lottery there are a couple of disused cinemas in Leeds that could be re-opened,


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