BFI Board of Governors Election 2015


The result of the recent election by members and Sight & Sound subscribers for a Member on the British Fim Institute’s Board of Governors is now complete. The result has been posted on the BFI Website:

The number of votes cast was as follows:


Peter KOSMINSKY 789 45.8
Daniel B MILLER 180 10.5
Keith WITHALL 174 10.1
Michael SALTER 160 9.3
Claude GREEN 121 7.0
David MILLER 120 7.0
Mark NEWALL 82 4.8
Aynsley JARDIN 66 3.8
Sebastian WHEEN 30 1.7


Total Number of Votes Cast 1,722
Percentage of Electorate 5.1%


Article 13 of the rules for electing a BFI Member to the Board of Governors requires 10% of the electorate to participate in the election. In circumstances where this is not the case, as in this instance, the election will be null and void.  The Board of Governors will then determine how to fill the resulting vacancy.


The Board of Governors will consider the election results at the meeting on 27 January 2016.  I will contact you as soon as possible after this date to advise you of the determination of the Board.

At the last election in 2013 the voting was as follows:

Total Number of Votes Cast

Percentage of Electorate

The total number of votes cast has gone up this year, but the percentage has fallen. It would appear that the membership and/or subscriptions have increased over the period. However, the new members/subscribers appear unaware or uninterested in governance. Given that the main  benefit of membership is access to the Southbank or Sight & Sound this is not surprising. It is though depressing.

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