Dr Zhivago BFI restoration trailer

Zhivago trailer

A friend drew my attention to the trailer issued by the BFI for the re-release of Doctor Zhivago (US-UK 1965). Inexplicably this features, not the famous score by Maurice Jarre, but a predominately piano score that rather ‘sounds like Michael Nyman’!

This is bizarre. Besides the insult to a major composer for film it is likely to at the very least confuse audiences. It is possible that fans of the film will avoid this re-issue because it apparently does not have the original score, (which I believe it actually does). People who do not know the film may avoid it because they do not like what seems to be the score. And people who like the music on the trailer may turn up and be irritated by its absence.

I am sure that there is a line in a famous song from The Mikado which would suit whoever is responsible.


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