Do you know this Japanese film?


One of our visitors contacted us with this image of a Japanese film poster asking if we knew the studio from the logo in the bottom right-hand corner. We don’t but some of you might. Jeff tells us that he thinks the poster is from around 1960. Perhaps a Japanese linguist can tell us the title?

Please leave a comment if you have any useful information.


  1. extremecloseup

    I asked my daughter, who is quite fluent in Japanese. Her reply as below:

    Sorry, the bit on the left says ‘With Japanese commentary’

    It is really hard to read the stuff on the right, but I am sure it is just German WW2 footage with Japanese commentary. I honestly can’t find more than that.


    • Roy Stafford

      Thanks, that’s useful confirmation of what I’d only guessed might be the case so far. It seems to be a German documentary/propaganda film about the Wehrmacht. The intrigue is that the Japanese poster looks like it might come from the 1960s but the film probably originated in the 1930s or 1940s.


  2. Roy Stafford

    The poster was recently offered for sale on eBay and the seller describes it as a “German war film” and suggests that the poster was printed for the Japanese market “after the Second World War”. The German title is generic and I’m guessing it refers to the newsreels shot by Wehrmacht film crews during 1939-45. Many of these films were lost/destroyed but presumably some of them were exported to Japan during the war? Perhaps the poster refers to a compilation of newsreel footage released as a film in Japan? I still don’t know when such a release took place – or which company is identified by the logo in the bottom right-hand corner.


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