Soulmate (UK 2013)


This is debut feature for director Axelle Carolyn. It has elements of the horror genre as well. Axelle Carolyn writes: “I love horror movies…I’d be happy to work in horror for the rest of my days.”

The film opens with an attempted suicide by a young woman, Audrey (Anna Walton). We see her cut her wrists in a bath. This is followed by the credits and then we see the same young woman driving along a country road. I thought at first that we were in a flashback. Then I saw the bandages and I realised the pre-credit sequence was a key part of what is now called the back-story.

Audrey arrives to stay at a cottage in the Brecon beacon. For a time the film becomes fairly conventional: the remote cottage, an over helpful neighbour, shots through gnarled trees, stuffed birds inside the cottage, a locked upper room. And the local doctor’s dog Anubis reacts very strongly to the cottage. But when the ghost appears the plot becomes distinctive. The centre section of the film has strong romantic flavour. And we find out more about the ghost Douglas (Tom Wisdom), and events in the past.

However, towards the end the mood reverts to the more melodramatic.  I felt that the film here lost the distinctive treatment it essayed earlier. I was unsure if the filmmakers had made the opening, with a rather gothic feel in order to mislead the audience then surprise them, or to hook them into the story before it changes tone. But I don’t think the rather different style mix well. One problem I had with the film was the music score. The early signs of the ghostly presence are aural. And for a time I found it difficult to distinguish between diegetic noise and non-diegetic accompaniment.

Still, the film’s ending is nicely ambiguous and there is one suggestive shot about what possibly remains in the cottage.


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