UK trailers 2012

A few years ago a friend from the United States explained to me how the trailers there were now providing an almost complete skeleton of the film’s plot. It sounded as if you knew all about the movie before you went along to the screening. Now this approach seems to have arrived in the UK. An example would be the trailer for Carnage (2011), a film where four characters play through the breakdown of social courtesies and niceties. I liked Roman Polanski’s film but I would have enjoyed it more if the gradual social disintegration had not been blatantly signposted in the trailer.

So I was really impressed with Artificial’ Eye’s trailer for Bela Tarr’s latest and final grim masterwork, The Turin Horse (A torinói ió2011). The substantive trailer is a long take of an oil lamp gradually going out – a visual metaphor for the film which does not pre-empt either the narrative or the ending. My congratulations to whomever designed this. I should add that there is a slight indication of a lack of confidence, because this long take is followed not just by a title credit but a further frame containing quotes from reviews.

Still it is a trailer worthy of the film.

Here it is on YouTube:

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