9 Intervals

This is a digital film consisting of nine episodes that is designed to be screened prior to feature cinema presentations. The short films are all about five minutes in length and ‘address the relationship between design and body, viewer and image.’ The film was commissioned by the Pavilion arts project and is by Aurelian Froment. A range of Arts Bodies with Leeds City Council supported the film, and the city provides the locations for the various sequences. The film receives its premiere at the Hyde Park Picture House where individual episodes are shown prior to features, frequently with extracts from adverts and promos included. I saw the film in a special screening with all nine episodes presented.

In fact among the Leeds Locations is the Hyde Park Picture House itself. I should confess that I have a vested interest as I got included as an extra for this sequence. Apart from anything else it emphasised how much of a film lies in the construction and editing: the finished sequence looks totally different from my sense of the filming on the day.

The various films include the cinema audience, various aspects of the history, design and development of the chair, ergonomics, i.e. the relationship between workers and their environment: osteopathy: yoga: and a fictional victim of positioning. It possibly sounds fairly serious, but the films are at times jocular, funny, interesting, informative and just great to look at, [it was shot on a 4k digital camera].

Viewers always bring their own experiences and attitudes to films, but I thought there was also a subversive element at times, especially when we visit a furniture factory where the anomie of mass production is clearly visible.

It is nice to see film programmes including short films, I remember the great days of features, b-films, newsreels and cartoons. It would be good if the films get an airing beyond the Leeds area.

NB There is another full-length screening at the Hyde Park Picture House this coming January 25th prior to the film/s getting a general release.


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