Global cinema admissions by country


The 'First XI' of film markets around the world ranked by admissions

I thought it might be useful to gather together some stats on the global film market. These figures are all taken from the publication Focus 2008: World Film Market Trends, published each year as part of the Film Market at Cannes and available for download from the European Audiovisual Observatory. This way of presenting figures is my own. I’ll try to keep it up-to-date – I think there are more recent Chinese figures available. A couple of points are worth making. The high cost of tickets in Japan and the UK keeps these markets ahead of India in revenue terms. The Indian market is affected by low prices (average ticket cost of 16 rupees in 2006) and DVD piracy. The UK revenue figure will drop in dollar terms in 2008 because of the fall in the value of sterling.

South Korea also has relatively high prices – certainly in comparison with China which is currently growing at around 25% a year.

Mexico is far ahead of everywhere else in Latin America, including Brazil. Mexico, too, seems set to rise. In Europe, France and the UK are hanging on, but Germany, Spain and Italy have been disappointing in the last few years.

You don’t have to be a sophisticated observer to see that with India and China still growing new audiences, the next ten years is going to be all about how Hollywood comes to terms with Indian and Chinese industry practices. Or will they become more like Hollywood?

Updated provisional figures for European admissions in 2008 can be found here:


  1. turquoise

    Could not recreate the table from Focus 2008. Focus 2008 has data for European admissions only. Would you please check? Thanks.


    • venicelion

      Sorry, I don’t really understand your question. If you link to Focus 2008 in the blog above, you can download the full ‘World Film Market Trends’ for 2007. If you go to the second link you only get European admissions for 2008. Focus 2009 will be published soon with full 2008 figures.


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